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Welcome to the Lorain County Growth Partnership

Business ConferenceBusiness ConferenceThe Lorain County Growth Partnership (LCGP), developed by the Lorain County Board of Commissioners, works with Lorain County organizations and businesses to compete more effectively in a regional marketplace.  Whether you want to start a business, expand your current business or partner with other area businesses and organizations, the LCGP is your place to start.

  • Starting a business?  Expanding your business?
    The resource links to the left will take you to the information you need to know from the Small Business Administration, the Small Business Development Centers of Ohio, the Lorain County Commissioners, Lorain County Chamber of Commerce, the Entrepreneurship Innovation Institute of Lorain County Community College and more.
  • MeetingLooking to build partnerships with other business and organizations?
    This site is designed for local business and organizations to share ideas and find partners for their projects.  If you're looking for a partner, a specialized resource or just a second opinion for your idea, post it below.  Others in the community who can help will be able to read your messages and post their responses.

Join the Lorain County Growth Partnership
Over time, the LCGP will develop specialized content that will be available only to the LCGP partner organizations. Currently, over 35 companies, public institutions and local governments are LCGP partners. There is no cost to become a partner.  We ask only that you bring a commitment to working with others in the community toward our mutual benefit.  To join, just send a message to LCGP in the box to the left. We will contact you to discuss this important partnership. 

Benefits to LCGP the members include:

  • Strength by association
  • Use of centrally located ancillary office space
  • Use of County’s Dunn & Bradstreet reports
  • Ease of communications with other members
  • Unification of economic development efforts
  • Cohesive long-range planning  

The achievement of sustainable economic development requires a new approach to policy making and its implementation.  Lorain County Commissioners view this partnership as a way to allow for greater integration and coordination of policy making and its implementation.  This approach is characterized by greater partnership between county government, local government, and community organizations.  This collaborative effort promotes the growth of an inclusive, innovative economy that will benefit Lorain County businesses and residents.

Questions or comments?
To contact the LCGP, enter your message into the "Contact LCGP" section to the left. 

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